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I have enjoyed having Dave as my guitar teacher for over a year. He has introduced me to a variety of guitar styles from classical to blues, and has provided me with a range of projects to work on. He is friendly and reliable, and I feel I have learnt a great deal in both the theory and practical sides of guitar playing.


I have really enjoyed learning the guitar with Dave’s help. He teaches in an engaging and fun way and his lesson atmosphere is relaxed and student centred. His combination of talent and skill, repertoire of songs and a friendly open personality provide a really calm and easy environment to progress and pick up guitar.


When I booked my first lesson I was nervous and apprehensive, however I was made to feel relaxed straightway. Lessons with Dave are an absolute pleasure and regularly the most enjoyable hour every two weeks. I have advanced more than I could have ever have imagined 3 months ago when I started from scratch, playing songs with different playing techniques etc.

Highly recommended.


Dave was the best teacher I have had in my 13 years of playing. His vast technical knowledge of music was really engaging as well as his ability to teach. He is a person who can not only teach but also has a personality which helps him connect with the pupils he is teaching.


My daughter said that Dave is very patient and that he makes her lessons very enjoyable, she has learnt more than she expected in the past 4 weeks. She can not wait till her next lesson😃
oh I forgot to say that Dave is very easy going 😃 


Our son, Alfie, has been with Dave since June 2019. We have seen Alf go from having an interest in guitars, to being a superb little player. Dave is extremely accomplished and exceptionally good at teaching/sharing this talent. He is calm, yet challenging and Alfie, quite simply, adores his weekly lessons, so much so we went from a 30 minute to a 45 minute lesson after just a few weeks! 
We cannot thank Dave enough for all he has done with Alfie. We are excited about his musical future as with Dave’s teaching abilities, who knows where this could end?


My 11 year old son was keen to learn guitar as he loves live music. Dave is a great teacher, my son has only had a few lessons so far but he is coming on in leaps and bounds. My son looks forward to his lesson with Dave every week and he is always upbeat after it. Dave is brilliant with how he interacts and teaches and is very easy to get on with.


My sons love working with Dave and have made huge progress in their playing. He is reliable, friendly and supportive. We couldn’t ask for a better guitar teacher. 


Dave has taught me for over 9 years now and never for a moment have I doubted the choice of having him as my guitar teacher. He’s a brilliant guitarist and a brilliant teacher. He really good at incorporating different styles into lessons to broaden the skillset of his pupils. He’s friendly, reliable, and the best choice possible for a guitar teacher.


One of the many things that makes Dave a good teacher is his interest in the musical tastes of his pupils. He would research and learn the songs of my daughter’s favourite bands to be able to teach them to her along with other songs in the same musical genre. This made the lessons more enjoyable to her and improved her willingness to learn.


As a complete novice to the guitar, Dave was brilliant. He puts his students at ease from the get-go which makes learning so much easier. Dave has structure within his lesson plans at the same time assuring he is always open to requests from his students. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. Not only is he a good mentor on the guitar, he’s also great to talk
to about life in general.



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