Backing Tracks

Here you will find backing tracks in a wide variety of different styles and keys. These tracks are ideal for practicing everything from scales and arpeggios to your favourite licks that you have learned or written yourself. I have always found practicing is more enjoyable when you can make it more musical instead of mechanical (for example with the never ending click of a metronome). By using these backing tracks you will be able to improve your timing, musicality and creativity.  As well as the backing tracks you can also purchase Jam Packs, which include a wide variety of resources to help your development. A full list will be available with all of the packs for sale and what they include. This might include chords and arpeggio charts, scales and how to play them all over the guitar neck. A variety of licks can be played over the track, all of which are adaptable and can be played in various styles and genres of music.

If you don't see the list telling you what the pack contains get in touch so that I can provide you with a full breakdown. 



This page is devoted to the backing tracks that I make.
Follow links to my:
YouTube Channel - to hear my backing tracks
Bandcamp page - to purchase backing tracks.

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