Here you will find some really useful (and best of all totally free) material to help you improve your playing technique and understanding of the guitar. There are assorted diagrams that will help you to find your way around the neck of the guitar and tabs for learning licks and phrasing - all are completely adaptable and easy for you to personalise. There are also a series of free-to-use backing tracks for you to practice and play along with.
The backing tracks and pdf hand-outs on this page are completely free for you to download and will get you on the road to becoming a better and more confident guitarist. However, if you decide you want to stretch yourself and play along with some different backing tracks then why not visit the store? Further backing tracks are available for you to buy and download here. Don't forget, the resources on this page will be updated regularly, so keep coming back to check for more updates and advice.


A series of diagrams designed to help speed up your learning. Including chords, scales, arpeggios and notes on the fretboard. Essential stuff if you're new to playing (and improving your existing skills).


Here you will find tabs of licks and phrases. Play the tabs written down to begin with and then why not try adding your own twist and playing them in different keys?


A nice selection of free-to-use backing tracks for you to play alongside. Have fun creating your own melodies and get creative!

**REMEMBER! The key to mastering any instrument is practice. Try to work on these exercises as much as you can. If there's something you find difficult let me know and we can work on this during our lessons.

Free usage Backing Tracks, Tabs, Scales, Diagrams

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